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Scoil Cholmcille S.N.S. Ballybrack
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Traffic Campaign

Dear Parent/Guardian,

The BOM of the Senior School wishes to thank all those who have co-operated with our January Traffic campaign.  We can report a huge increase in cars parking at Tesco & not in unsafe areas around the school.  By your actions you have contributed towards making the surrounds of the school a little safer for your children & for this we thank you.  You have shown that you support us in our campaign & most of all you recognise the dangers facing pedestrians around Scoil Cholmcille.  Gwen our lollipop lady reports increased volume of walkers.  She is delighted as she prefers to be busy?

Unfortunately a minority of parents/guardians continue to disregard children’s safety and park particularly outside the entrance to the Junior School yard.  This is a particularly bad place to park as a huge volume of children exit the Junior yard here.

These parents/guardians who abide by the rules while children & teachers protest & park where they want when no one is looking are showing complete disrespect to the children & staff of the school as well as being unsympathetic to their safety concerns.
On Friday January 24th our waste collection company were unable to gain access to the bins because of an illegally parked car. If bins are not collected regularly it can result in problems such as vermin in school.

In the event of a driver receiving a ticket the school will not be accountable.  As stated repeatedly, our motivation is children’s safety.  We remain unapologetic about this.

To the majority a huge thanks.  To the decreasing minority, please make children’s safety a priority and park a safe distance away from our school.

Aidan Boyle

Sunday Times Article:
Malahide school traffic ban leads to 20% fall in pollution.
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