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Mindfulness Day 18th June

Kids Area
Mindfulness Day
Mindful breathing
Let’s start our Mindfulness Day off with a breathing exercise.  Click on the link below!
Mindful Walking     
Take a look at this video below on Mindful Walking.  Then take a mindful walk in your area.
Mindful Art          
Think of a place that you love and that makes you feel happy.  It could be your garden, local park, your favourite beach or even an imaginary place.
Draw or paint a picture of your Happy Place.

Blowing Bubbles
This is a lovely way to slow everything down. Take a look at the colours and the gentle, floating shapes of the bubbles. Make sure to take deep breaths in and slow breaths out when blowing the bubbles.

Blindfolded Taste Testing  
Have someone at home choose a variety of vegetables, fruit, and dried fruit.  Then put on a blindfold to taste a vegetable or fruit, describe it using all of your senses. Did you guess what it was?

I am an amazing person  
Think about all your talents and things you like about yourself.  Then complete the worksheet I Am an Amazing Person!

Be Kind to yourself
We have always been told to be kind to those around us, but it is equally important to be kind to yourself.  Think about ways you can be kind to yourself and complete the worksheet How Can You Be Kind to Yourself?

Finally, if over the next while you feel a little stressed you could try this exercise from Go Noodle.
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